Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Tribute to President Hinckley

Well, I just finished watching the funeral of our dear prophet, President Hinckley, and so I decided to share my thoughts on my experiences with President Hinckley. I grew up knowing him as our prophet. He was and is a great insperation in my life. Even though I never met him in person, I feel like my very close friend died. I am sure that the whole church feels the same. We will all miss him!

My friends are having a Murder Mystery Party - its a 1950's barbeque theme. I am SOOO excited. This is the 3rd one we have done. Our first, Blake and I hosted and it was a luau, and we got coconuts and made them into cups, and had virgin margaritas! It turned out that Blakes character was the murder. The second one my friend Brianne hosted, and it was a Halloween one. It was SOOO fun.
For this one, Blake is some sort of "Grease, John Travolta" type character, and I am some rich beauty queen! Brianne and I are going to DI today to find some outfits. I will definetly post pictures when we have the party!

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