Monday, February 25, 2008


I have an awesome find that I came across today while I was working. Its a website called Pandora. Its an online radio station. I haven't ever listened to music online before, but now I am hooked. You choose the artists and/or songs on this site. You can have several stations, so you can have different genres. I am sure that everyone knows about online radio, but I didn't realize how awesome it could be. AND, its free! Woohoo! Anyway, the website is
Check it out! It is awesome.
Anyway, I am done with my break now, so I better go do my work. See you all later!

2 sweet thoughts:

Katherine said...

I love Pandora!!!

Lucia @ Pandora said...

Hi Meichelle! (and/or Blake)

We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying Pandora so much. : )

Thanks for listening, (to Katherine too!)

- Lucia, from Pandora