Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, my husband and I have been on this new kick lately. We LOVE tang. I actually hated it growing up, but I love it now. I have only had the orange kind, but Blake had some different flavors on his mission. Its hard to find it around here, so I went online and found some other flavors as well. I got Tropical Passion fruit. It sounds yummy. I want to get the strawberry tangerine next... It only come is bulk though, so we had to buy 6 canisters of it! If anyone wants to try it, we have plenty :D. There is also grape and wild berry.

While I was shopping online, I also decided to get, in bulk, stuff that we eat all the time. So, I got some poptarts as well. The hot fudge sundae kind is our very favorite. Its so good! We got 12 boxes of these too!

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Holly said...

Tang?! Holy cow, I haven't seen this stuff in years!! So fun!