Thursday, March 6, 2008

8 things about Gracie

Gracie was tagged by Brooklyn!
1. Grace's middle name is Elizabeth. We didn't know if we wanted to name her Grace or Gracie, so we decided to do both... Grace E. Johnson...
2. She has the curliest hair that anybody has ever seen. I had super curly hair when I was a toddler too.. (FYI: The first 2 picture are of me as a baby..)
3. She is very strong headed. If she has something on her mind that she wants, she WILL get it. She hates clothes, and makes it her mission daily to take them off. :)
4. Grace loves to talk. She will say the same jibberish over and over and over again. She knows what she is saying, and she will make sure you are listening. She is super loud and can make everyone in a room look at her with one scream. :) She loves the attention. She also knows she is funny when she talks out of one side of her mouth. She gets a laugh every time!
5. Gracie's favorite time of the day is bath time. She LOVES the bathtub. When she hears that water running, she goes sprinting into the bathroom, trying to shed her clothes on the way. She is a super funny girl.
6. She is silly. She loves to get laughs out of people. She does things, knowing that they are funny. :) She has such a contagious smile! I love my baby girl!

7. She is already technology savvy. She knows exactly which buttons to push on the phone to call mommy. She knows how the mouse and keyboard works. She knows how to turn on and off the television on the remote.

8. She is a daddy's girl. When he even looks like he is going to leave the room, she whines. She will yell at him for a hour after he leaves for work in the morning, hoping he is going to peek around the door.

Gracie tags: The Dunnings, The Jensens, The Freeds, The Zimmermans, The Odds, and everyone else who has kids that wants to play along!

2 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

Thanks for playing along! Gracie is a little doll!! :) LOVE IT!!

-Melissa- said...

Gracie is such a cutie! I love that curly hair. What a fun tag!