Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, going to the courthouse today was quite the experience...

I did get out of the ticket, which is great, but before that, it wasn't great. We were there by 10 and we waited forever! There were a ton of people in court today, so Grace was going crazy. I gave her a pen and a paper to let her draw while we sat and listened to the other cases. She was just being Grace, chatting happily to herself while she was drawing. She wasn't too incredibly loud, but she was talking. Lots of people were talking.

Well, the court police officer came over and said loudly 'If you can't get your baby to be quiet you are going to have to take HIM out!' Okay, so first, SHE was wearing pink. SHE had silver sparkly shoes. Yes, she did have a camo jacket, but still. 'He is disrupting court proceedings' he said... Darn guy. SHES A GIRL! Anyway, so when Blake took her out, She decided to scream at the bailiff while She was going by, loud. Yep. She was showing him how to disrupted court proceedings alright. Goodness. She was mad at him. It was hilarious and yet embarrassing all the same.
This better be the one and ONLY time she gets kicked out of a courtroom... or even be in court for that matter.

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The Zimmerman's said...

Hi Meichelle, Your blog is so creative, I need to figure out how to add fun stuff to our page. Thanks for the comment. I am a nurse at a hospital emergency room in Vancouver. I didn't want to work and I stayed at home with Carson for the first few months, but I spent so much time and $$ on nursing school that I felt I needed to work a little while :)
Keep in touch!

Holly said...

UGh. I hated that, Brooklyn would be totally decked out in pink, including her bracelets and bows, and people would still call her a boy! So silly. Gracie is beautiful, I think this story is hilarious!