Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Apartment Search

Alright, so searching for apartments is NOT a fun thing to do. I am sick of it before I have really even begun. Rent in Utah is more than our mortgage!
Its 4 in the morning and I cant sleep cause I'm stressed over this!
So, these are the some apartment complexes that we are looking at...

#1. Somerset Apartments (West Valley City)
1 Bedroom 1 Bath
720 square feet
$639-$739 Monthly
Advantages: Year round indoor pool, Hot tub, fitness center, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. Private balcony
Disadvantages: TINY! Only one bedroom. Utilities are not included.

Somerset Apartments (West Valley City) Option 2
2 bedroom 1 bath
840 square feet
$739-$829 monthly

Advantages: Bigger floor plan, More bedrooms, they are going to build this awesome splash park this summer, and everything else I said above
Disadvantages: Expensive!

#2. South Willow Apartments (West Jordan)

2 bedroom 1 bath
759 square feet
$739 monthly

Advantages: Closer to my grandparents, big floor plan, indoor basketball, indoor racquetball, tennis, and volleyball courts, huge walk in closets, 2 bedrooms, super nice pool.
Disadvantages: Expensive, not as nice as others, less square footage

#3. Sunset Ridge Apartments (West Jordan)
2 bed 1.5 bath
974 square footage
$785.00 Monthly

Advantages: Close to extended family, Super nice, Newer Buildings, Pool, Playground, Some utilities included
Disadvantages: Expensive! (That is the only downside I can see...)

Sunset Ridge Apartments (West Jordan) Option 2
2 bed 1 bath
1010 Square footage
$780.00 monthly

Advantages: Bigger closet space
Disadvantages: only 1 bathroom

O.k... so which one do you guys like more? I think my fave (after doing this comparison) is Sunset Ridge, option 2....
Well, its now almost 6, and this has helped, so I am going back to bed. See you!

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Keri said...

Hey.. I just wanted to let u know that I lived in the same area ur looking at when I first moved to Utah. The somerset apartments are right on Redwood road so its a bit of a pain to get in and out of. Also, its more into west valley area, which isnt the greatest. I lived in Summerwood apartments( a few lights up, toward 5400s), the grounds werent quite as nice, but had swimming pools, basketball hoops, and clubhouse. I think its the same price range and size. Maybe u should look at theirs...the bigger option(walk in closet), all are 2 bed 2 bath. Plus its off of Redwood road so there is a light to get out. Its surrounded by shopko, harmons grocery, and super walmart across the street. great location. Well just thought id let u know, its been 3 years since i lived there, but u might wanna check it out! If you have any questions or need any help just let me know.