Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, so today I am SO sick. I went to work, and had to come home cause I was just feeling crappy. So when I got home, I took some high powered cold medicine pills and fell asleep. Those pills make you dream about some super crazy things. Well, I dreamed about going to court, and that the judge was mean. I was so mad and I wanted to just punch that judge, anyway when I woke up it hit me... I had a court date this week contesting the ticket that I got during the accident.
I couldn't remember when it was set for. I asked Blake and he said he thought it was the 4Th, whenever that was. Well, the fourth was Tuesday. So, panicking, I freaked out and asked Blake what happens to the juveniles that he deals with when they skip their court date, even on minor things. They get arrested.
Crap. I can't go to jail. And even if I do turn myself in, I still could go to jail... and then we will have to pay bail, and we can't afford bail. I am horrified at the thought of spending a night in jail! Grace will have to come and visit to get fed. I am going to be a felon. Great.
Well, needless to say, I ran downstairs and found the court documents and it is tomorrow. Thank heavens! I would have totally forgotten if I wouldn't have had those crazy dreams. God sure does move in mysterious ways!

2 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

I'm sure glad things worked out! That's one crazy dream! It was fun to see you tonight! Oh, and all your apartments look great! How fun to have a swimming pool! Wouldn't miss Grace love that?! Good luck tomorrow!

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Oh man Meichelle, you make me laugh. So glad to hear you didn't miss the date. Good luck.