Monday, April 14, 2008

Husband ABC Tag

Missy and Andy tagged Blake!

(Our Wedding Day)

A-ATV of choice? He is a crazy motorcycle guy. He also loves 4 wheelers. (Gracie and Daddy on Daddys motorcycle)

B-Born on? November 15, 1982
C-Cookies or Candy? Both :)
D-Date of Choice when you go out? Anything athletic, and anything that involves food...
E-Essential Item? His sunglasses!
F-Favorite Foods? Homemade chicken enchiladas
G-Gas or Diesel vehicle? Gas
H-Hobbies? Golfing, Guns, Camping, Basketball, Soccer, Motorbiking, Fly tying, Fishing, Softball, Track, Playing his drums, and Paintball
I-Ice Cream Flavor? Oreo
J-Job? He was a Sergeant, now he is a, um, a, I don't know what to call it! Armored transport person maybe? :) Sorry honey!
K-Kids? 1, Gracie

(What a proud daddy)

L-Last Vacation as a couple? Las Vegas in November
M-Morning person or night owl? Night owl. But he can be a morning person... He is just an all the time person :D
N-Number of Siblings? 4 - Tyler, Andrea, Josh, and Natalie
O-OCD or sloppy? OCD P-Pet Peeves? Laziness, people being disrespectful
Q-Quiet or Loud? If we are around people we know, loud, but he is generally a quiet person
R-Restaurant? The Chinese Garden, Olive Garden, Johnny Carinos

(Us out at Johnny Corinos Saturday night with Jason and Bri)
S-Sports? Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Golf, Track,
T-Tight wad or spender? Neither. He is right in the middle. He will spend when we need to, but he can save when we need to as well.
U-Unknown Fact about him? He is THE most kind hearted person you will ever meet. He never judges people. He loves everyone. He is probably the best dad and husband ever. He is my rockstar.

(Daddy and Gracie just hanging out)

V-Vegetables? He is a salad person. He LOVES a big full salad, but he also likes potatoes, corn, green beans, he will eat pretty much anything! :) W-Worst Habit? He likes to get a rise out of his mom. He likes to try to scare her, or say things that he knows she doesn't approve of or think is funny. I think its pretty funny, but its getting to be a bad thing! :)
X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? Soccer, Basketball, Track
Y-Your favorite things about him? Wow, I don't know if I can narrow it down to my favorite. He is SO loving. He is hilarious. He can make anyone laugh! He is a HUGE help around the house. He would do anything for me.

(Our third date)

Z-Zodiac Sign? I don't' know the zodiac signs... let me go look... He is a Scorpio.
We tag... Jason and Bri, Zach and Holly, Ann-Michelle and Todd, Heather and Jed, Jeff and Becky, Pam and Jared, and Katie and Cameron

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Becky Muir said...

thats cool, we don't often tell about our hubby's. I'll do it, but he won't like it.