Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Little Shopper

Hey everyone! We were at Fred Meyers the other day, and Grace decided that she wanted to push the cart! She is one silly girl! Here is the video of her pushing it. (I am so not a good camera person... I can't hold it still... just so you know :D hehe.)

Anyway, we are trying to get moved now, and it is so super stressful! Because Blake is going to be gone for training and work and stuff, I get to pack up the house all by myself.
Yesterday was my last day of work, and it was SO sad. I loved my job, and knowing that I don't get to work there anymore is super sad.

Blakes older sister, Andrea, and her family are here from Pasco, WA. We don't get to see them often, so it was exciting for Grace to see her two cousins again. Andrea is pregnant with a little boy, and we are super excited about that as well!

(This is Blakes other sister, Natalie, with Savannah, Dakotah, Blake and Grace. Aren't they cute?!)

They have a dog named Cuddles. Grace chased it around all weekend yelling 'Uppy, Uppy!' It was so cute. She loves that dog.
(That dog doesn't love her though! :D)
Well, I am super procrastinating this whole moving process. I better go start...

See you all later!

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Marci said...
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Marci said...

Did you change your blog?? I don't remember all of this. Anyway, my favorite part of the video of Grace with the shopping part is the middle, when, all of a sudden, we hear her mom: "Darn!" haha! cute.

Wendy Lee said...

Good luck with packing, I know how that goes! Before we moved to Texas we moved 4 times in a 6 month period- it sucks to move! Unpacking is the best though- change is good!

Marci said...

I used to...I thought I got boring, but I guess I just found simpler blog
layouts I liked and thought I was going over the top. I love the look of
yours though. I've got to make a new header soon.

-Melissa- said...

I love the scrapbook page of Grace with the shopping cart. super cute! Good luck with the packing. It is never a fun thing to do. Have you guys found a place in the Salt Lake area?