Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Mayan Adventure

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, my grandparents computer hasen't been working properly. It still isn't up to its full potential, so I can't post pictures. Stupid dial up.
Anyway, last Wednesday night we went to an awesome restaurant in Sandy called The Mayan. It is such a fun place! The food isn't that spectacular, but the atmosphere makes it great. If you live in the area and haven't been, you definitely need to go. It isn't very expensive either. :)
They have this super tall waterfall where cliff divers dive off into a deep pool. They have some awesome shows that they put on. Last night was the fire dance. It was awesome! They have speakers throughout the whole restaurant, playing forest sounds. There are trees everywhere. The tables are placed amongst the trees like your in a tree house, overlooking the waterfall.

My camera ran out of batteries super fast, so I didn't get many pictures... (The computer will only upload these two. Its driving me crazy!)

This is one of the divers, diving into the pool.
These are the fire dancers. They were so awesome.

4 sweet thoughts:

Holly said...

The Mayan is my FAVORITE!! :) Did Grace like it? I just can't get over that small space that the divers dive right into! It scares me but it's so dang cool too!

Jason & Bri Walker said...

I haven't been but I've heard TONS about it! Anyway, while I was there over the weekend, I found THE MOST AMAZING STORE---EVER!!! It's called kidtokid and there's 5 or 6 around salt lake- there's even one in sandy. Anyway, give me a call later!

Wendy Lee said...

We had a place just like that in Denver when I lived in Colorado. It didn't have the same name but it had the cliff divers and the same atmosphere. Funny thing is, I remember the food wasn't very good there either- but it was fun.

Ann-Michelle said...

i have been here! you are right about the food- i even think taco bell might be better- but it so cool and loud and crazy! i hope you guys are doing great- i am going to check back on your blog more often!!