Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom of Choice Law

President-elect Obama has proclaimed that the first thing he will do upon taking over the White House is push through the legislation call 'Freedom of Choice Act.'

This piece of law would allow for an abortion to anyone, regardless of age. Minors will be able to have abortions without their parents even knowing.  It allows for partial birth abortions and cuts out the information that should be given to women about how the abortion is done and the repercussions of the procedure on her body and mental abilities.

Please sign the petition at and help stop this terrible legislation. Obama recieved a %100 approval rating from Planned Parenthood and also voted for the murdering of babies when they survive the abortion process, infantcide.

Please, please, please check out this website and sign the petition.

Thank you very much,
Kiz Leppert

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