Sunday, November 16, 2008

26 things I love about my husband

Blake turned 26 yesterday, so I thought I would write 26 things I absolutely love about him! Ready?

1. I love how you can always make me smile... no matter what. 
2. Your smile!
3. You sense of humor... even though sometimes it can be pretty sick. :)
4. Your love of history.
5. The way you twitch while you are falling asleep.
6. I love how artistic you are!
7. I love the way your hair looks in the morning.
8. Your voice. I love you hear you sing!
9. The way you eat. (Knife in one hand, fork in the other)
10. I love that you are so supportive of me and the things I do.
11. How spiritual you are.
12. I love it when I find you and Grace playing games or running around. You are such a great dad!
13. I love your eyes. I can tell exactly how you are feeling through them.
14. I love how great of a friend you are.
15. I love how forgiving you are.
16. The way you look when you wear your black button up shirt, black tie and black pants.
17. I love the way you get giddy about things.
18. I love how careful of a driver you are.
19. Your love of motorcycles.
20. Your willingness to sacrifice everything for your family.
21. I love the fact that you aren't TOO into sports. :)
22. The way our hands seem to fit together perfectly.
23. Your perfect, cute bottom. (Sorry everyone! Its true though!)
24. I love how careful you are with your (and other peoples') belongings.
25. I love the fact that you will still play games with me even if you really don't want to!
26. I love how wonderful a husband you are. You treat me like a queen... even when I don't deserve it sometimes!

I love you so much Blake! Happy Birthday!!

1 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I always thought Blake had a cute rear-end, too. But keep in mind that I haven't seen it in many years. Mom