Saturday, December 13, 2008


My favorite things about Christmas:

1. Christmas music. I love hearing all of the festive songs on the radio. (In moderation.)
2. Christmas lights.. but only if they are done properly. They have to be straight across the roof. Not saggy. No one likes saggy lights.
3. Christmas movies... The Santa Clause is my favorite.
4. The smell of Christmas! I love going into the stores and smelling (if its not too strong) the smell of the cinnamon pine cones. And the smell of fresh baked cookies and fudge.
5. I love the excitement that comes with knowing Christmas is near. The happiness that people show.
6. I love how giving people are. I love watching the services' that people show this time of year.
7. I love Christmas eve. I love drinking hot cocoa and listening to my grandfathers voice on a tape about a neighbor boy. We recorded the story right before he died. I love having that bit of my grandpa here with us. {I will post the story here soon.}

And here is the things that I DON'T like about this time of the year...

1. The Christmas Story. That freaky movie scares me to death. I hate hate hate it. Seriously. It is part of a recurring nightmare.
2. How commercialized Christmas has become. Come on people. We are celebrating Christs' birth, not Barbies 100th anniversary Christmas edition doll.
3. I hate those florescent colored fake trees. Seriously? Are you kidding me? Who wants a bright ___ (insert color here) tree that is instantly an eye sore? Well, obviously someone, cause they are selling like crazy this year.
What do you like about Christmas? What don't you like about it? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

3 sweet thoughts:

-Melissa- said...

I agree I don't like how commercialized Christmas is.

One thing I love is watching my kids get excited over the little things like decorating cookies and Christmas lights.

quitecontrary1977 said...

I love those gaudy trees! If you're going to have a fake tree, might as well have a tree that's proud of its plastic-ness!

The Zimmerman's said...

I LOVE grandpa's story- I really want a copy of it... do you have more than one copy? I would absolutely LOVE to share it with my family every Christmas eve!

There is a girl I work with that has been searching for a bright pink Christmas tree- can you believe that??? Crazy!

Happy Holidays!