Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey everyone! Thanks for leaving all of the sweet comments. I love you all!
I just wanted to update everyone with what is going on with our lives.
1. I am officially done breastfeeding. It has been such a good thing to breastfeed Grace for so long, but she turned 2, and its become a hassle to say the least. Grace has only thrown 2 big fits. The first night was HELL... (sorry about my language!) She screamed pretty much all night long. Last night was fine. She only woke up once, asked for it, and when I said no, she said ok, and snuggled up to me. Today she is making jokes about it. She is so funny. She runs around saying 'No boo boos'. Its pretty funny. I am having a really hard time with the pain of the whole stopping breastfeeding thing. I am in SOOO much pain. Hopefully the pain will pass soon. :)2. Blake is looking for a job in Idaho, because the sale of the house fell through, so we have to move back. I have mixed emotions about it, but I am pretty excited to move home. :) Blake hasn't found a job yet though.
3. Grace loves the snow. (Or as she calls it 'no'.) She tells us all the time that it is 'nowing!' Silly girl.
4. We will be heading to Idaho for Christmas this year! Hooray! We will be driving up on Tuesday... :) I am so excited!

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Andre said...

Clue for the no breastfeeding problem. Red cabbage works!! I was huge after Austin died and all I did was wear those all day (That sounds funny!) Break the veins first.

Will you still be in Idaho for New Years? We will be there New Years Eve.