Monday, April 20, 2009


Gracie was playing on the lawn today while I was digging up weeds so I can plant grass. She started saying.. "Mom! I see a Pider!, Mom!! I see a Nake!" (that second one got my attention) and I went over to see what she had found.
This is what I saw...
(The pictures were taken on my camera phone, so please excuse the quality!)
I taught her to say Caterpillar. She now says Cap-A-Pider. Its pretty cute. I had to convince her that the caterpillar needed to go home and see his mommy and daddy, so she would let him go. She was so excited to tell Grandma that the cap-a-pider was sleeping and went home to see his mommy and daddy.
I love my baby girl so much. She is the sweetest thing in the whole world!

2 sweet thoughts:

Carolyn said...

I am randomly stalking blogs this evening...avoiding doing house work. I love your background. When I saw you had red hair I stopped and read a while.

(I am a fellow redhead.)

Such a fun way to avoid being productive.

Marcilee said...

She is so enthralled with the subject caterpillar. Good for you - capturing the true innocent excitement for learning!