Friday, April 17, 2009

Step by step freebie guide

Want to get some free stuff today? Here is what you should do.
Firstly, print off these coupons...

*Huggies 16-ct. travel sized baby wipes priced at $0.97
Get a $1/1 Huggies bath and body product HERE
FREE after coupon!
{Most of the time, it is on the front page. Sometimes you have to scroll through the find it.}

*Glucerna Cereal priced at or around $3.92
Get a $5/1 printable HERE
FREE after coupon!
{This one takes a minute to fill out, but is worth the time. You get around a dollar overage, which can go towards the tax and your other groceries...}

DenTek Floss Picks priced at $1
Get the $1/1 printable coupon here
(Same site as the huggies coupon.)
FREE after coupon!

Kotex LightDays Pads priced at $1

$2/2 printable
2 FREE after coupon!

Okay. So after you have downloaded all of the coupons and printed them off, go back and print them all again (besides the Glucerna, cause you can only print one of that one).
Now. Go to WalMart...

In the toothpaste isle, find the floss picks. They are either blue or green and they are priced at a dollar. Grab one of them.
Now, go to the pad & tampon section. Along the bottom where Kotex stuff is, are some pads that are priced at a dollar. They are small packages and they say light days or something on them. Grab two of them.

Next, go to the trial size area (where you can get mini toothpaste, ect...) In there, there should be some Huggies baby wipes. They are green and say something about cucumber something or other. They are priced at a dollar each. Grab one of those.

Now, in front of the pharmacy, there is a diabetes section. There are boxes of Glucerna cereal. There is strawberry, almond, and something else. Grab any one you want. (this one is important, even if you don't eat it, get it, it will have them owing you money)

Now, go to the check out. Find a cashier that looks friendly. Not some old ornery lady or guy. Usually a teenager or young person are better at not being coupon Nazis.

Now, this first transaction should have them owe you money (if you didn't do any other shopping)... Grab a candy bar, a soda or something to push it over the negative mark.
If you have any problems with them taking coupons, point out what you bought with what the coupon goes to. Usually this only happens if you run into a coupon Nazi.

Yay! You got a bunch of free stuff. Now, make sure that you go back with the other coupons and do it again. You can do it the same day, or just the next time you go back to the store.

I will keep you updated on all of the free stuff I come across.

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Kate said...

holy cow.... you should start a couponing blog!!!! i need to try this and will. These are all things we actually use too!

Thanks for the 'idiots guide' to couponing!