Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Alright. I get hundreds of hits a day. I have no idea why. So... I have decided that it is poll time! Yay! *Cheers loudly*
I want to know why in the heck you read my blog...
Here are the choices:
A. Because you are family, and I must (even though I don't think my own mother reads my blog...)
B. Because you are on my blog roll (and I have no idea how you got there)
C. Because I like to read your blog (Hahaha. Very funny...)
D. Because I want to see if anything interesting ever happens (It wont. Promise)

Alright. I know, I know. I didn't cover everyone, but that should just about be why people read my blog. (They are forced to, they don't mean to, or well, I guess cause they like me.)
Why do you read my blog? To answer, click over there--------------------->
(Oh, and don't forget to visit my sponsors. :) Any of those Google ads will do :D )

3 sweet thoughts:

Janna G said...

I need two choices. I voted because you are on my blog roll. I voted that way because that is the only reason I read anyone's blog is that if they are on my roll and update. The other reason(which is technically not true) is that you are family. You may not be my family, but you are Andreas family and that makes you mine too. :)

Lindsey said...

I read your blog because you always have great ideas, cute pictures & fun stories!

David H said...

My daughter was signed by Pulse as well and had her pictures taken the same weekend. I'm looking to see if anything is happening with you.

Nothing has happened yet for my daughter. I also watch your other model blog.