Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WARNING: major emotions

I have emotions coming out of my ears. This past week has been a very difficult one to get through. My little brother, Elder Matthew Welker left on a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Carlsbad California. It was one of the hardest things I have done. I know that sounds dumb, but Matthew and I were very close. He left today at noon, so I am still raw with emotion. He and my family (they are a back woodsy type of ward) spoke in church on Sunday. It was amazing to hear the testimony of this little 19 year old boy. I wont see my little brother for two years. I keep thinking of my sister in law, and her quote. "Faith, not fear."
I can't fear what will happen while he is gone. I can only have faith that the Lord will be watching over our family. Faith, not fear.
Okay, on with this post! I had a VERY bad experience with a Walgreens employee and manager today. Here is my experience:
I went in to buy some aspirin that was on sale. (It would have been free). So I took the two aspirin bottles up to the counter. I set the products and my two coupons (one a manufacturers coupon, the other a RR of 2$) on the counter. He rang them up and it showed that they were 8.00 and something (They should have been $2.19). So I told him that it was marked as being on sale. He didn't respond and just said I need a manager. The lady comes up & he explains to her what I said. She said, no, there is none of those on sale. I told her that they were and so she reluctantly went back to look. I walked back with her and showed her that they were indeed on sale. She said that someone had to have put the price on the wrong ones, and they weren't on sale.
Okay, fair enough. I walked back to the counter and told him that I was wrong and I just wanted the other items. I noticed that he had taken the RR and put it behind the counter, but he left the manufacturers coupon. I asked if I could have that back to pay for the rest of my stuff. He just stared at me. It was so strange. I again explained to him that I needed the RR's to pay for my stuff. He said that that wasn't my RR, that it had printed out when he had rang up the items. Um, NO. RR don't print out until after the purchase has been payed for. DUH. So right then, the manager walked up, looking VERY ornery. I explained to her what the problem was. She looked at me, she looked at the cashier and asked him, "Is that all?" He said yes, she gave me a long glare and turned around and walked away.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! How dare they treat me like that!!
I was in a very big hurry trying to get my brother to the MTC, so I just dropped it, payed for my stuff and left.
I called their customer service number and told them all about it. The lady was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe what had happened. She told me that she was going to get to the bottom of it, and she was going to have the general manager of that store call me. She said she will let me know exactly what happens with the employees and what actions that they take with them.
I will tell you what happens when I get the call.

2 sweet thoughts:

Julian said...

What happened? and where was this Walgreens?

Meichelle said...

It was in West Jordan, and I got a call from the manager,
He was horrified.
He said that the person that came over wasn't a manager and they fired her for pretending to be a manager
They gave me the employees discount on whatever I wanted, including food which they don't get discounts on,
he gave me some RR people have left behind (not supposed to, but he was way nice)
he said he looked at the video tapes, and said that he in deed did take my RR, and that he was pretty angry.