Friday, May 1, 2009


I did great today at WalGreens.
Here are my transactions. (If anyone cares :D)
Transaction 1:
(For the first two transactions, I received 15% off because of my problems there before.)
First transaction:
3 12 packs of Pepsi: $9.35
2 Kraft Mac&Cheese crackers: $1.52
Colgate toothbrush: $4.25
2 GOT2B hair products: $8.50
Huggies Wipes: $2.37
-RR: $2.00 (all from previous transactions)
-RR: $6.00 (RR= register rewards)
-RR: $2.00
-Huggies coupon: $0.75
Sub total: $15.24
Tax: $1.37
Total OOP: $16.61 (OOP=out of pocket)
RR printed out for Pepsi: $3.00
RR printed out for GOT2B hair products: $5.00
Total after RR: $8.61

2nd transaction:
Rembrandt toothpaste: $5.09
Sub total: $5.09
-RR: $5.00 (from GOT2B hair products from last transaction)
Total: $0.09
Tax: $0.35
Total OOP: $0.44
RR printed out for toothpaste: $6.00
Total after RR: $-5.56

Third transaction:
Bayer aspirin: $2.49
Nivia body wash: $4.99
Sub total: $7.48
-RR: $6.00 (From toothpaste from last transaction)
Total: $1.48
Tax: $0.51
Total OOP: $1.99
RR printed out for aspirin: $2.50
RR printed out for Nivia: $5.00
Total after RR: $-5.51

4th transaction:
Bayer aspirin: $2.50 Rembrandt toothpaste: $5.99
Candy bar: $0.69
Sub total: $8.49
-Bayer coupon: $1.00
-RR $3.00 (from Pepsi products from the first transaction)
-RR $5.00 (from Nivia products from last transaction)
total: $0.17
tax: $0.60
Total OOP: $0.77
RR printed out from aspirin: $2.50
RR printed out from toothpaste: $6.00
Total after RR: -7.73(Photo of last shopping trip as well. Click HERE to see the other transactions)
So, in total:
Total of all groceries (before coupons and RR): $49.81
Total of RR and coupons used: $30.00
Total paid OOP: $19.81
Total RR left over: $11.00
Not too shabby if you ask me!
Then, from Target, I got
4 Dry Idea deodorants: $8.00
Sub total: $8.00
-4 coupons for 2.00 off: $8.00
+ tax: 0.55
Total OOP: $0.55

Then I ran to Walmart:
Colgate toothbrush: $0.96
Bubble wand:
Sub total: $1.96
-$1.00 off colgate toothbrush =$0.96
Total OOP: $1.09

So, in total, I spent $21.45 OOP, and still have $11.00 in RR to use!
And for the grand total of my weekly OOP (see HERE for additional trips)
$25.36For all of THIS stuff! That is awesome!

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Marcilee said...

Meichelle, I seriously don't know how you have time for this, but all I can say is, wow!