Friday, September 11, 2009

My wonderful husband

I am so grateful for the courage and bravery my husband has.
My husband has always been a very brave and honorable person.
Even as a child, he was pushing the limits, breaking out of the yard, and doing crazy stunts.
He was such an amazing example in high school. He was athletic, he set records and was such a great person. He was great at everything he tried, and he didn't ever back down from a challenge.
(that's Blake, number 22)(Blake winning first and breaking records at state!)
(basketball star!)(After he won!)
He got his mission call today, 8 years ago, and went and served his church in Brazil. To leave his family, friends, and country for two years still has me amazed at his courage and strength.
His decisions to marry me was a very brave thing to do!
And he was so supporting and awesome while I was pregnant and sick with our beautiful Gracie.
And yet again, his decision to serve our great nation has proved to me his bravery and courage.
I love you so much Blake. You are my hero, My best friend, and the love of my life.

4 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I was going to call to see if you received the pictures, but it looks like you did. Blake is a wonderful person, I'm glad other people think he is and not just his Mom. What do you mean that this is your last blog?
Love, Marilyn

Katie Lee said...

That is so sweet! I absolutely love being married to a great man that served a mission and honorably holds his priesthood! Maybe it's just Johnson boys? :)

Andre said...

I got goose bumps while reading this post! I love Blakey and think he's pretty special, too. hope you are feeling okay.

Anonymous said...

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