Friday, September 11, 2009

Where was I?

Inspired by Kate, I decided to write down my feelings about this day 8 years ago.
I, like everyone in our country, remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on September 11th.
I was sleeping on the couch in my moms daycare. My little brother came running out to the daycare (which was behind our house) and said that a plane accidentally crashed into a big building in New York. We turned on the television and watched as the second plane crashed into the second World Trade Center.My sister and I were getting ready for school while watching the horror play out on the television. We watched as the first tower fell, and then cried as the plane hit the pentagon.We drove to school and all we did was watch the television in all of our classes. I remember it was a Tuesday and we were supposed to have a church activity that night, but it was canceled. I also remember that my sister worked at Pizza Hut and we went there after school to pick up a pizza. There was a man who was waiting to pick up his pizza and he was saying how the attacks were the governments way of getting back at the people.
After school, we watched the devastation of flight 93.I remember the pain I felt as I watched the news the whole next day. I remember everybody's tears. I remember my tears. I remember the horrible days that followed.
I am so grateful for the freedom we have. I am so grateful for the soldiers that are in Iraq, fighting for our freedom with their very lives.

I am SO proud to be an American.

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Kate said...

thanks for sharing your memories. i find it simply amazing that after 8 years i can still recall to the minute exactly what i was doing and where i was, and exactly how i was feeling, like it was yesterday.
i am proud to be an american also!