Sunday, November 1, 2009


I finally recieved a letter from Blake on Thursday, which was refreshing (even though he referred to basic as entering the 3rd level of hell). I also got another email from the missionaries from our church serving there on the base.
They also attached another photo:
I am so proud of my husband. I love him and can't wait to get a phone call. I was hoping today, but getting a letter from Sister Grafe was more than I could ask for.

2 sweet thoughts:

Tyler and Caryn said...

I'm glad you heard at least some sort of news today. What is up with the glasses?!? Ty thinks Blake looks a lot like his dad in high school in this picture.

Meichelle said...

Those are the military issued glasses. They have to wear them 24/7. Sad hu?!
They don't get a choice of which ones they get to wear.
Blake looks so skinny in this picture. It worries me. :(