Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Bloods

I just finished the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz... Currently there are four books: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, and The Van Alen Legacy. The fifth book, Misguided Angel is set to be released Fall 2010 and the sixth book, Wolf Pact is set to be released Spring 2011.
The books are about young vampires set in a ritzy Manhattan.
Book: Blue Bloods
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Series?: Yes
Genere: Young Adult/Science Fiction
Would I recommend?: Yes

I enjoyed reading this series, I am glad that there are 2 more books set to be released. I seem to have been reading a ton of Science Fiction lately, but I did enjoy this series. It, like the UGLIES, is written for young adults, and you can definitely tell, but I still found myself getting lost in the story. The book was a bit lacking for those who want a deep story, but it was a good book to get lost in.

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Jason and Bri Walker said...

You need to read the Hunger Games and the second book Catching Fire. The third doesn't come out until next Sept. but they are SOOOOOO good! I know the story line sounds so bizarre but definately read them if you get a chance!