Friday, December 18, 2009

Coin Ceremony

Thursday, Dec. 10th was the airman's run and the coin ceremony. The airman's run was canceled due to the cold. The coin ceremony was outside and freezing too, but at least we got to see that!
Blakes flight marching in....
(I wasn't going to admit how dumb I was, but I should explain the lack of photos... the whole time we were watching the coin ceremony, we thought Blake was someone else, so we didn't get to actually see him get his coin, cause we were watching some random kid, {that did look a ton like Blake!! Honest!})
After the coin ceremony, Blake got to come hang out with us on base. We went straight to the mini mall and stuffed our faces :D
We were exhausted, so we just sat around at the mini mall, and hung out. Grace fell asleep right away!When Blake left to go back to his dorms, Grace freaked and begged him not to leave her again. She was so scared that daddy was going away again. She screamed the whole way back to the hotel. It was heartbreaking.
Luckily, he came back the next day :D

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Joy said...

aww poor thing she must have really missed her daddy