Friday, December 18, 2009


San Antonio is supposed to be warm, right? Yeah, not even a little bit. Friday, Dec. 11th was freezing. It was also the day of graduation. (I apologize for the photos... they are blurry cause I was freezing, and too high or too low, cause I was shaking!)Blakes Flight is in the middle...Right after Graduation, Blake had to go get his flight photo done, cause they were the Warrior flight, and they had to get a special photo done. :)

We got to go see Blakes dorms and why he got his nickname OCD.Grace struggled, because we told her that this was Daddy's bed. She cried for a long time, wondering where her bed was too... Cause daddy had a bed here, she should too.

Then, we checked into our hotel on base, and hung out there for a while. (And ate some more... (it seems like that is what we were always doing :D)
Afterwards, we went to IHOP and then sent Blake and his dad to a Basketball game.(Grace drank the whipped cream out of a cup. Silly girl!)
Stay tuned for town pass on Saturday!We went to the McDonalds (I know, pretty exciting...), Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum, the Wax Museum, and The Alamo!

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