Thursday, May 20, 2010


We went swimming yesterday afternoon and had a blast!! The water was warm and the temperature outside was 95 degrees!
We had the pool to ourselves, so we decided to take funny pictures of us jumping into the pool. 
My favorite one is the first photo. Hilarious!
{BTW. Grant was safely in his carseat, in the shade, asleep . 
Grace was in/out of the pool, in her floaty car. So no worries!}

4 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

haha very funny pics

When are you guys moving?

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

Love it! Jealous of the weather though. So glad see Grace in her snorkeling gear. As well as to knoe Grant was safe and snoozin' in the shade. :)

Kate said...

I love the first picture also... I'll bet Grace had a blast! We can't wait for swimming weather in Pennsylvania.

Lauri said...

Looks fun - and makes me thirsty for some reason....