Saturday, May 22, 2010

A to Z...

you know how sometimes your mind wanders? and you really can't figure out how you got from A to Z? 

Case in Point:

A. as i am sitting here, blake is watching some dumb show where people are chucking cake at each other
B. i need to make the eclair cake for tomorrow
C. it is for tomorrow, but if i don't make it today, it won't set up in time..
D. just like last sunday. it wasn't set up completely. but it was still good.
E. wow, we had eclair pie two weeks in a row? thats unhealthy!
F. i really need to start doing sit ups, because of those eclair pies and cheesecake
G. oh, and from having a baby too. 
H. i need to feed that baby. 
I. eh, i'll just let him sleep for a while.
J. he has been sick with a nasty cold. 
K. i need to get the humidifier up and running for him.
L. but before i do that, i need to clean up our room. its so messy.
M. it has to be cleaned before the movers come. 
N. i want everything organized and ready for our new house.
O. i wonder what our new house will look like.
P. i hope we get into housing sooner rather than later. 
Q. i don't want to live in a hotel for more than 2 weeks with the kids.
R. wow, i have 2 kids. i can say my children. ha!
S. are we done having kids?
T. blake wants more kids. and i do too. there are definitely other children in heaven for us.
U. blake wants to have them all in different states. so far so good there.
V. idaho, texas, and then the next one probably will be in new nexico. after that? who knows!
W. i miss idaho, and I know I am going to miss texas.(our pool for sure)
X. ooo. pool. i want to go get in the pool.
Y. we should probably have dinner first.
Z. uh-oh. whats for dinner tonight?
Do you have thought processes like this? Or is it just me?

1 sweet thoughts:

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

This is like reading my own mind. Except the state So, yeah I guess I do.