Friday, June 4, 2010

Cowboy Grace

grace is turning into a little farm girl. her and daddy thought this was appropriate to wear to church on sunday:
{ps: she did end up wearing the dress and boots, just not the hat. although me telling her that hats don't belong at church caused quite a commotion}
{pps: daddy said he was going to take a picture and she instantly posed... and like a pro, if i do say so myself}
{ppps: please ignore my oh-so-very messy house in the background. thanks}

2 sweet thoughts:

Joy said...

super cute outfit although I do agree with the removal of the hat:)

oh and I didn't even notice the mess til u said something, shows how oblivious I am to it cause I live with it day in and day out.

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

Yes the removal of the hat was fine for church, however I love the outfit. Yes, she must be your daughter, poses very well!