Thursday, June 3, 2010


i did really well at cvs recently.
4 packs of diapers, 6 packs of wipes and everything else shown for $0.57!
here is some photos of my 'free' closet:
 the first 2 rows on the right are all body wash. the 3rd and 4th are all shampoo and conditioner.
wipes (and blake's shop chair, being stored on the bottom shelf...)
soap, laundry soap, lotion, medicines, deodorant, mouthwash, first aid items, makeup, razors, and toothpaste and toothbrushes (behind the purex)
this shelf is completely FULL of diapers. (you can't really tell, but this closet is DEEP)
more diapers... :D, detergent and cleaners.

2 sweet thoughts:

Summers Family said...

How on Earth do you get all that? I have never figured out how to get FREE stuff... you'll have to give me a lesson some time!

Joy said...

love it!

I need more space to organize my stuff better.

me and a mom from Abby's tball team were chatting it up on freebies last night cause she is also a coupon lover:) we were joking cause she had signed up to bring the condiments for the team party and I was like well you got all that for pretty much free if I know u and she was like yea that is why I signed up to bring them:)