Monday, November 15, 2010

Blake Alan Johnson

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you so much! I cannot believe its been over 5 years since we have been together! Since its your 28th Birthday, I am going to write the top 28 things I just love about you!

1. I love how wonderful of a father you are to our 2 kids. They love you so much!
2. I love your willingness to serve our wonderful country. 
3. I love your obsession with tractors!
4. I love how great of a friend you are.
5. I love how kind you are to everyone around you!
6. I love how selfless you are.
7. I love how much you help me around the house. 
8. I love how cute you look in your blues!
9. I love your obsession with guns!
10. I love your personality. 
11.You are so funny. I love that about you.
12. I love how caring you are to me.
13. I love that you are a family man!
14. I love the fact that you are a worthy Priesthood holder.
15. I love your work ethic. 
16. I love your obsession with the history and discovery channels!
17. I love your laugh.
18. I love your smile.
19. I love your craziness!
20. I love how supportive you are to me.
21. I love your beautiful blue eyes!
22. I love our late night talks. 
23. I love how awesome you are. 
24. I love how you stand up for me.
25. I love that you protect our family.
26. I love your athletic side.
27. I love how compassionate you are.
28. I love how much you love me!
I love you, Blake. You are an amazing person.
Happy Birthday!

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