Monday, October 31, 2011

I know, I know.

Its been a long time. Life has been so insane lately that I haven't even had the chance to sit down and think about blogging, let alone do it. It is too overwhelming to try to catch up, so hopefully I can start to blog from here on out. Here is a few things I have not written about thus far.
Blake got back from Afghanistan safe and sound. It was an amazing day filled with way too many tears and so much excitement. It has been wonderful having my husband home! 
We took a trip to Idaho and Utah after he got back and we had a blast. We stayed for almost a month and got to visit with families and friends.
Grant and Grace are both doing amazing. They are both hilariously funny and so energetic that both Blake and I struggle to keep up.
School is going alright, I am just really busy lately, and its been hard to keep up with all the homework.
Blake had some very exciting news that he got BTZ at our base. (BTZ is below the zone, where an airman can get ranked up early because of their work ethics and their accomplishments.) I am so dang proud of my husband. 
Another very exciting thing that has happened in our lives is that we found out we are expecting Johnson baby number 3 in June. We weren't exactly trying, but we couldn't be more happy about it! 
With my past two pregnancies, I have been sicker than anything I have ever felt in my whole life and ready to just cry. But with this one, I haven't been too sick, maybe just a little woozy, and although I have been EXHAUSTED, I really am doing great. I take a few naps a day, and then end up staying up a bit too late because of it. (As I am now.)
Anyway, I figured I will attach a few pictures and so I can document all of the things that have been going on. 

3 sweet thoughts:

Summers Family said...

YAY!!! You guys make the cutest babies! I guess we all know you still love your husband after his long trip to Afghanistan! LOL!!! I'm glad he's home safe and sound!

Callie Stewart said...

Congrats on your new addition on the way! I hope you have an easy pregnancy this time. I love the picture of Blake and the kids sleeping on the floor. So cute. You guys are great parents.

Joy said...

glad he made it back safe and sound! Congrats on baby #3 u guys sure do make cute babies so can't wait to see him or her