Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Long overdue pictures from our spring/summer 2011!
Week 3 of garden...
 Week 5
 Week 10
 Week 11
 Week 15
 Finally getting green grass!

 Cowboy Party
 Last day of school!
 Milk giggle

At the Clovis memorial park
 Easter Morning!
 She is just too cute!
 More green grass!
 In Clovis, at the memorial park

 Grace's last day of school. They went to the fire house!

 Bear Crawl

 Grace's Easter outfit
 Memorial Park
 Grant's Easter outfit
 Grace and her friend Jonathon
 <3 best time of the night for mommy

 Our new car :)

1 sweet thoughts:

Katie Lee said...

I can't believe how grown up Grace is getting. So adorable. and your little guy is super handsome. And it was so good to see you this summer. You look so beautiful!