Thursday, November 4, 2010

Portuguese, Criminal Justice, and College

I have always wanted to learn a language. But I am the type of person who's brain doesn't work like that! I wanted to learn Portuguese so I can speak with my husband in a different language! So I am trying the Rosetta Stone's method, and am curious to see how it is different.
Will it work? I'll let you know in about a month!
Have I ever told you that I wanted to be a detective when I grow up? Or maybe a victimologist? 
Well, I have decided to go for this dream and go back to college. I am going to Clovis Community College, starting in January and studying criminal justice. I know its kind of strange, but being a private detective would be so stinking awesome.

2 sweet thoughts:

Andre said...

I want to go to school too but how do you do it with kids?

Meichelle said...

Most of my classes are online... And those that aren't are at night. When Blake is deployed, my friend is going to babysit for me! Its going to be a hassle, but I am so excited!