Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"that person"

have you ever realized that you are 'that' person? 
the person you laughed at and prayed you would never be? the mind all a-jumbled, blubbering, crying mess of a person? or the one that spills their life story to a stranger and realizes how dumb it is, but can't help it? and as they are telling this stranger about their lives, the poor stranger backs away slowly, trying not to make eye contact?
or the person that people avoid, the person that can't remember anything, the person that needs obvious mental help, or the person that is standing in line in front of you, that you roll your eyes at, because, well, quite frankly, they are just 'that' type of person? 
the person that doesn't realize that everyone is making jokes about them? the person that you avoid when they call you? the person that is desperate for human interaction?
that's me {at least for today}. and its depressing. oh, and kinda sad in a funny/pathetic sort of way...

4 sweet thoughts:

The Kilpatrick Klan said...

yes i have. its funny how we become what we were determined not to be. sometimes it is for the best, although we did not realize it back when we thought these things. I love who you are and love myself for who I have become. Have a better day today! Love you lady!

Karlene said...

Hey MooMoo,
I never avoid your phones calls...I just sometimes don't get them at work. I am sorry you had such an awful day, it was kinds funny though :)

Karlene said...

oops, I meant "kinda"

Andre said...

Part of being a mom is being home alone a lot with only babies to talk to. Savannah has been home sick the last two days and it's been fun having someone to play games with! Miss you!